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100% dry distiller's grains with solubles are available in cubes. A patented process creates a hard distiller's cube that wont crumble. McNess Bova Cubes can be fed on the ground without high wastage or wind losses. 


5 Lbs. of "406" Cake VS 3 Lbs. of Bova Cubes

"406" 16% Cake 5 lbs. a cow per day costs is $1.00 per head a day.

"406" can easily be replaced with 3 lbs. of Bova Cubes at a daily cost of $0.81 per cow, a day. This is a savings of $5,700 per 200 head hers over 5 months of winter supplementation (Nov.-March)

Bova Cubes will provide the same amount of calories when fed at 3 lbs. per head, a day as 5 lbs. of "406" 16% cake. 



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